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11 AM Syncope In order to move on, a broken man must pick up the pieces of a puzzle and put them back together again. Trailer
11:30 AM Reality on Demand Reality On Demand is a web series that follows four strangers who playtest a highly advanced virtual reality game that puts them into their favorite TV shows and movies. Trailer
12:30 PM Leah not Leia From the moment she was born, people have gotten LEAH's name completely wrong because of "that" movie. Well no more. She is taking a stand and reminding others that her name is LEAH NOT LEIA. Trailer
1:00 PM The Launch of the Bloomington Brain Extravaganza Brain Extravaganza 22 enormous (5' x 5' x 4') and beautifully designed brains will be on display throughout the city of Bloomington, Indiana and across the Indiana University campus. Brain Extravaganza! celebrates the idea that the more we understand about the brain, the more we are inclined to take care of it. Website
1:15 PM Scoring the Dream This documentary records Steve Wilhelm's journey recording with his first orchestra. It tells the inspiration for two songs and why Steve is drawn to romantic, passionate ballads.  
1:30 PM Q and A with filmmakers  
2:00 PM Lucky Teter and His Hell Drivers In 1933 a young Indiana native set out to make his mark in the fledgling sport of the Automobile Thrill Show. From his early beginnings in Worster Ohio with single car rollovers to commanding performances with his “Rocker Car Leap” in front of tens of thousands of fans Lucky Teter would form the greatest touring group of daredevils and stuntman the world had yet seen. Trailer
2:45 PM Fertility 2.0 Fertility 2.0 concerns a young couple wanting children who fall prey to a socially- engineered Internet scam.  
2:55 PM The Last Bottle    
3:00 PM Fenced Off What starts off as a day of yard work and random to-dos for the new neighbors turns into a series of misunderstandings and confrontation. Based on a true story, Fenced Off explores the reality that loving your neighbor can be complicated. Trailer
4:30 PM Q and A with filmmakers  

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